Protect Our NHS (BANES)

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Did you know?

Fundin - is there enough money to support our NHS?


Government insists that we are short of cash, but you can see above that an enormous amount is extracted from our economy
every year by the global players. Not just them though: Most of the British FTSE100 companies pay little or no corporation tax here in the UK. Instead they utilise devious networks of offshore accounts to channel their profits abroad. Most of the tax havens they use are British, like the British Virgin Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands etc.
If this government really was serious about clamping down on large-scale tax avoidance they could do so quite easily, but it seems claer that, while they constantly pay lip-service to clamping down, in reality they are very unlikely to put words into action. They are protecting their friendsin business, and their future directorships in the private sector.
Interesting: when the Cameron Tory government pushed their Health and Social Care Act through parliament, 71 members of the coalition in power had shares in - PRIVATE MEDICAL FIRMS ! What a surprise!
There are in fact buckets and loads of cash that could pay for healthcare for all.

Protect Our NHS (BANES)

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