• Listen To Your Experts. They Will Tell You All about AC repair

Listen To Your Experts. They Will Tell You All about AC repair

In the summer when the sun is in its full swing and spreading its heat, the Air conditioner is the only savior. But to make it work efficiently, proper maintenance is required. Many times it also demands repairs for which only a Scottsdale AC Repair technician should be hired. Let’s find out what are the things that we don’t know about our air conditioner repairs:

  1. Replace the filters – Filters should be replaced in every three months. The filters can get blocked with the dust and debris. Clogged filters can block the airflow causing the system to work harder. This will increase your utility bill and decrease the efficiency of the system. Clogged filters can also cause so many respiratory diseases as it is the great breeding site for bacteria and molds. Clogged filters are also responsible to freeze the evaporator coils.
  2. Keep the registers clean- When you find that not enough air is coming out from the registers, and then you should call a professional technician who can take a look at the registers and ducts.
  3. Smart/programmable thermostat – Programmable thermostat saves energy and they enable us to control the air conditioner remotely from the phone and tablet. With the help of programmable thermostat, you can always keep your home cool and comfortable.
  4. Clean outdoor unit – Outdoor unit is more exposed to dirt, debris, leaves etc because of which the unit cannot work efficiently. Make sure that your outdoor unit is properly cleaned.
  5. Regular maintenance – It is one of the most emphasized things because if routinely done, it can avoid the need for any kind of repair.
  6. Refrigerant leak – When there is a drop in the level of refrigerant in your system, your system will not do the cooling efficiently. A professional help will be required in this condition who will recharge the refrigerant in your system.
  7. Frozen evaporator coils – When there is a blockage in the filters or in the drainage pipes, the evaporator coils may get frozen. A layer of ice can build up on the coils. Your air conditioner will not give you the cool air in such a situation. You may need to call your technician to fix this.
  8. Fan problems- There are two fans in the air conditioner. One blows air on the evaporator coil and the other one is in the outdoor unit to throw the absorbed heat outside your home. Faulty motor, lack of lubrication or dirt or debris can cause fans to not work properly. This further gives rise to other problems. It can also lead to compressor failure. So an immediate attention should be given to this problem.
  9. Leaking ducts – The ducts running in the walls and ceiling carries the cool air. When there is any sort of leakage in these ducts, the air starts leaking inside the walls. In this condition, your air conditioner has to work very hard to maintain the desired temperature which is going to raise your electricity bill.


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