So, you finally have the hair colour of your dreams. Don’t let it fade away! 

Especially now that we’re all doing our best to keep our community safe and healthy, you’re probably wondering: How can I make my salon hair colour last longer at home? If you’ve scored an appointment with your hairstylist recently to FINALLY tackle those grown-out roots and/or overall colour, keeping it in tip-top condition from home is essential!

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Whether you have platinum blonde, brunette, black or red hair follow these 9 simple tips to prolong your hair colour! 

1. Skip the HOT showers

Yes, we agree: There is nothing nicer than a long hot shower to wake you up in the morning. But is it really worth potentially diminishing your hair colour? No way! Hot water dries out the skin on your scalp and opens up your hair cuticle, releasing the precious colour. 

Pro tip: Opt for milder water temperatures when showering to help retain your hair colour while also keeping your hair hydrated. 

2. Go longer between hair washes

After you initially get your hair coloured, we recommend waiting a full 72 hours before shampooing. Why? Because when applying colour to your hair, the cuticle layer opens up, allowing the colour to penetrate the hair shaft. It can then take up to 3 days for the cuticle layer to fully close, trapping the colour molecule and making the colour last longer. 

For your regular hair washing schedule, every hair type is unique and everyone has different hair needs. However, if your goal is to retain your colour, then wait at least 48 hours between washes. 

Overwashing strips your hair of its natural oils so reach for a dry shampoo to refresh your hair between washes. Try the Refresh Hair by Kevin Murphy!

3. Protect your hair while swimming

If you’re planning on heading back to community pools this summer then protect your hair from chlorine and other potentially harmful chemicals by covering up your hair! Chlorine is a chemical bleaching agent used to keep pools clean, so it will result in stripping colour from your hair, giving blonde hair a greenish hue and making dark hair look dull.

We know it’s not the cutest look, but we’re certain our Foxes can rock a swim cap, like this cute retro-style one! Alternatively, you can try getting your hair wet and applying a conditioner without rinsing it – this will create a barrier on the hair shaft. 

4. Don’t overuse your hot tools

Avoid overusing hot tools! Limit the damage by using a heat protector (see point 5) and taking breaks from hot tools. Try and skip on the heat styling at least every other day. This includes blow-drying your hair!

Instead of using hot tools, why not style your hair in a braid? It will save you from the hot tools and it’s the style that just keeps giving. Cute braids now and wavy goodness later! 

5. Use a heat protector 

Hot tools strip away colour and hydration. Over time this can lead to damaged hair. To avoid damaging your hair further, try using a protective spray before blow-drying or styling with a heat tool. Some of the key benefits of heat protectant sprays are:

  • Shield your hair against damage from heat styling 
  • Preserve hair moisture
  • Elasticize your hair strands
  • Smooth your hair
  • Protect from humidity 

A few of our fave heat protector products are the MELU Hair Shield by Davines or Heated.Defense by Kevin Murphy – both are available at Stone Fox Hair.

6. Pay attention to hair product ingredients

You might have already learnt this tip from Jonathon on Queer Eye! But seriously, pay attention to the ingredients in your products. Many hair products available from your local drug and grocery stores actually contain sulfates and other harsh ingredients that are heavy-duty cleaning agents that make your hair feel super clean but also strip your hair of colour and other natural oils along with them. A few to avoid are: 

  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • Parabens 
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Petroleum

7. Invest in colour protecting products 

Invest in shampoo and conditioners designed specifically to preserve and intensify hair colour. Again, be sure to check the ingredients to ensure it doesn’t contain anything that will actually strip away colour. 

8. Use a colour depositing conditioner

Colour depositing conditioners basically contain small amounts of pigment, used to help retain and enhance colour treated hair. Here at Stone Fox, we can create pro custom conditioners by Evo to match your exact hair colour!

Davines also has a selection of alchemic conditioners that illuminate natural and coloured hair. They come in various different shades so you can pick the colour best suited to you!

Try the Alchemic line from Davines! 

9. Protect your hair from the sun

Just like your skin, too much sun can damage your hair and cause your hair colour to fade. If spending an extended amount of time outdoors then take a hat to protect your hair and scalp from harmful UV rays!  

Best hair salon vancouver hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make your hair colour last longer. If you’re trying to grow out your hair colour, check out these 5 tips!


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